GIS Showcase

Learn about the possibilities of Geographic Information Systems through lightning talks on projects by Ursinus faculty and students.


Myrin Library 1st Floor Computer Area,

Monday October 30, 2017

4 pm.


  • Tristan Ashcroft, using ArcMap to delineate individual drainage areas from elevation data, with the help of online tutorials.
  • Patrick Hurley, Reforesting Hunsberger Woods: applying ArcGIS Story Maps to create a narrative based on geographic data
  • Meredith Goldsmith, Mapping Literary Visions: Mapping The Age of Innocence and using TimeMapper to visualize CIE readings
  • Daniel Berger, Red Brick Row Homes: Where are They Now?: using GIS to trace changes in Philadelphia from the time of a novel to present day.


Have questions about GIS and how you can use it in class? This showcase is a great opportunity to explore different ways geographic data can be used to enhance teaching and learning.