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Tomorrow 3.0: Surviving, and Maybe Thriving, in a New Marketplace

Advances in technology are driving rapid changes in the nature of entrepreneurship and work. Duke University political science professor Michael Munger will speak on this pressing topic at Ursinus College the evening of Oct. 22 in an event open to the general public. 

The author of a newly published book, “Tomorrow 3.0” (Cambridge University Press), Munger argues that the combination of (1) the network of networks called the internet, (2) powerful mobile devices, and (3) innovative software apps available to anyone who has the first two things, is going to change our lives. It is possible for entrepreneurs to sell reductions in transaction costs, which will in turn result in the commodification of excess capacity.  This suggests that instead of owning and storing, many societies will share, either through rentals or new mechanisms that have yet to be devised. There will be far fewer “jobs,” in the traditional sense.

How will you handle this new world? In his talk, Munger will try to provide some answers.

Munger’s talk is sponsored by the Economics Ambassadors program, an Ursinus Business and Economics Department initiative in which students organize events exploring the relationship between economics, politics, and a free and prosperous society.