In celebration of Ursinus College’s 150th anniversary, the Berman Museum of Art’s 30th anniversary, and the many individuals who have collaborated in the building of our remarkable institution, the museum will present a special performance piece by Berlin based artist Douglas Henderson entitled Music for 150 Carpenters. 

This site-specific, multimedia piece will include a 30-minute live performance, where the audience will sit in the middle of the Main Gallery. Surrounding them along the perimeter will be 150 carpenters, consisting of not only professional, regional carpenters, but local artists, museum professionals, Ursinus faculty and staff, and of course, students. Henderson’s immersive sound composition will feature 150 workers, 150 sawhorses, 150 hammers, and some 10,000 nails, working in unison to create a unique score that celebrates the college’s anniversaries with pomp, while acknowledging the diverse sources of physical and intellectual labor that are at the core of every academic and art institution. 

A multi-channel, aerial view video and audio recording of the Premiere performance will be the basis for an immersive, projection-based installation in the Main Gallery through March 2020.


All Berman events and exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Contact: Betsy Witt