Berman Museum

Stephanie Rowden: The Collection Speaks


Inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Berman Museum of Art, audio artist Stephanie Rowden has selected 30 objects and artworks in the museum’s collection to create an unconventional audio walk and installation in the Upper Gallery. The Collection Speaks merges the experiences of close listening with close looking at an evocative and eclectic selection drawn from the 8,000 works in the collection. 

The painted egg, the Victorian clock, the modernist lithograph, the ancient vessel, the pastoral landscape, the child’s shoe—what do these things say to us (and each other) when they venture from the quiet of the storage vault? A downloadable audio essay weaves interviews, musings and atmospheric soundscape as a meditation on the impulse to collect, to ascribe value, to preserve and to imagine a future for objects beyond one’s own lifespan. 

Join us for a full day of events in honor of the Berman Museum’s 30th Anniversary!

  • 10 am – 5 pm: Current exhibition tours, outdoor sculpture tours, and more
  • 6 – 10 pm: 30th Anniversary Celebration Party
  • This special event will also mark the opening of guest artist Stephanie Rowden’s exhibition, The Collection Speaks.