Edible Books Festival

Join us for our 15th annual Edible Book Festival in the Myrin Library. Participants and attendees will be eligible to win a number of prizes, including a grand prize of $100 for the most popular entry!

The contest is open to all students, staff and faculty and participants can submit as many entries as they wish, including individual entries and group entries.

Entries are due in the Library by 11 AM. Vote for your favorites between 11 AM and 1 PM and participate in our “Guess the Book” game and our raffle for a chance to win prizes from Kimberton Whole Foods, New Wave Comics and Collectibles, and Towne Book Center Wine Bar and Cafe. Winners will be announced at 1:15 PM.

Entries should have some literary connection and must be made from edible ingredients, though the final product itself need not be eaten. Entries could look like a book, be a play on its title or be inspired by its contents.


Popular Choice Winner - $100

Popular Choice Runner-Up - $50

Best Book Representation - $25 

Funniest - $25

Most Appetizing - $25

Least Appetizing - $25


See past entries on Digital Commons.