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One Ursinus Graduate’s 45 Year Journey in Education

Speaker Gail Heinemeyer ’72, has vast experience in education as a teacher, principal, and Director of Support Services for Ridley School District.

Gail was a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in the Ridley School District since 1972.  In 2007, she moved to the central office as Director of Support Services. Her responsibilities included conducting the district induction program, submitting state report for the Pennsylvania Information Management System, overseeing child accounting and enrollment, coordinating student teacher assignments, supervising ELL, guidance, and nursing services, as well as managing the district website and cable TV.

Gail has been actively involved in both the state and national middle level associations.  She has presented at AMLE (Association for Middle Level Education) national conferences. She is trained as a consultant for AMLE ’s Middle Grades Assessment, is a member of their speaker’s cadre, and has been on the faculty of the AMLE Institute for Middle Level Leadership since 2003.  She is currently serving as the Director of the  Institute. Gail has also presented at the Attendance and Child Accounting Association annual conference and the Pennsylvania Department of Education Data Summit.

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