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¡Qué rico es! campaign: Speaker Stephen Sherwood (Ph.D.) coming to Ursinus College campus

Join Dr. Stephen Sherwood, agronomist, innovation researcher, and author of “Food, Agriculture and Social Change: The Everyday Vitality of Latin America” to discuss the ¡Qué rico es! campaignhealth, equity, sustainability and more.

Join Dr. Sherwood and the Ursinus College Community for an in-depth discussion about social, economic, and environmental sustainability in Latin America. 

Originally from the Greater Philadelphia area, Stephen Sherwood is a full-time farmer in Ecuador and part-time Lecturer and Researcher in Knowledge, Technology and Innovation at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

He has lived and worked in Latin America (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Perú, and Ecuador) for nearly 30 years. Sherwood has an extensive education including; an MPS in Plant Pathology/Adult Education (Cornell University), and a PhD in Innovation Sciences/Sociology of Change (Wageningen University).


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Visit: ¡Qué rico es!