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Defining Innovation Presents Amy Whitaker

Amy Whitaker has made integrating the creative and practical her life’s work. Often referred to as a “business poet,” Whitaker has taught business to artists, art to business-people, and recognizes the interdependent and symbiotic nature of both vantage points to generating innovation.

In her latest book, “Art Thinking”, Whitaker challenges us to build and apply creative skills across the business landscape and defines art as a process, not a product. Currently a professor at New York University and alumni lecturer of Aspen Ideas Festival, Fast Company Innovation Festival, TED, Google, and Merck & Co., her work maintains that art is a form of independent thinking, which can be applied to the “art projects” of our time — whether that be politics, economics, or technology.


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This event is hosted by: 

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia (Arts & Business Council)