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Sustainable Move-Out 2019

Don’t dump your reusable stuff if you don’t have to!  Join in the tradition of reusing things and finding homes for your unwanted stuff!

What is Sustainable Move-out?

Sustainable Move-out is a campus initiative that aims to divert reusable goods from the waste stream by allowing other students to take them or donating them to local charities. Think of this as a free Ursinus yard sale where students drop off items they do not need anymore and other students can stop by and pick up items that they need!

How does this work? 

It is simple! Sustainable Move Out Starts May 13th at Noon and continues everyday until Friday, May 17th at Noon. You can drop off items in the categories listed below at various locations on campus. Simply find the drop off location closest to you and leave your unwanted items in the proper marked location. Locations will be marked with a table and sign reading “Sustainable Move Out Drop Off.” –That is it! Volunteers will be making sweeps of the locations through out the day ensuring that items are picked up and transported to the main tent. 

Satellite Location: Reimert Circle (for BWC and Reimert)

Headquarters: Between North/Ritcher and BPS

Main Street Houses: Bring your items to the table in your parking lot at the following times:

  • Parking Lots near Musser, Wicks, Clamer, and 900 Houses: Wednesday 15th: 1pm - 3:30pm 


The main, white colored tent will be located between Richter/North and BPS and will be Sustainable Move Out Headquarters. The other locations are considered our “satellite” locations and will have a table and a small easy-up tent which will be taken down daily at 6pm. 

What can I bring to the tents?

  • Clothing
  • Furniture: like tables, chairs, couches, & bookshelves (Please bring your furniture to the nearest table/tent location - we’ll take it from there) 
  • Room Décor & Lamps
  • Working Appliances & Electronics 
  • School Supplies
  • Sporting Goods

All items should be in fair/good condition. (Helpful tip: When you have decided you no longer want/need something. Ask yourself, “would someone else use this?” If the answer is yes, then drop it off!  If an item is damaged, then we ask that you properly dispose of it in the waste bins.