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Finding the Good News on Energy and Environment

Dr. Richard Alley, a world-renown expert on ice and climate change, will present the evidence that we can build a sustainable energy system that avoids the pollution causing climate change.

Dr. Richard Alley visits Ursinus College as a Carl F. Cranor Visiting Scholar of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Dr. Alley is Evan Pugh University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Penn State University. An expert on glaciers, sea level, and climate change, he is the author of Earth: The Operators’ Manual, 2011, and has appeared numerous times on television (BBC, Nova, etc.), radio (NPR, etc.), and print (NY Times, etc.) as one of the most active voices in explaining climate change to the public.

In tonight’s lecture, Dr. Alley will argue that “We get great benefits from the energy we use, now mostly from fossil fuels, but the resulting pollution threatens to cause highly damaging climate changes. Very strong evidence shows that if we use this knowledge wisely, we can build a larger economy in a cleaner environment with more jobs, improved health, and greater national security more consistent with the Golden Rule. Today’s students belong to the first generation in human history with confidence that they can build a sustainable energy system, providing the power we enjoy to everyone everywhere.”

PBK Visiting Scholar