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Women in Finance

Alumnae from Ursinus will share perspectives on how to succeed in finance. Learn how to advocate for yourself, overcome challenges, make connections to support your long term career.
  • Hedge funds and portfolios that were exclusively managed by women have generated profits two times that of their male counterparts in 2017.
  • Men with business and finance degrees outnumber women at a rate of 2.2 to 1

Alumnae Panelists:

Briana Anderson ’14,Ttraining Specialist at SEI

Eilish “Irish” Bennett ’14, Consultant, Mergers and Acquisitions at Deloitte

Marina Bitar ’06, Head of Data Strategy and Analytics, Investment Management Unit, SEI

Yvette Dennis ’91, Vice President - Infrastructure at AIG

Eleisha Smith ’99, Product Lead, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase


Students from all majors and years are welcome.

Sponsored by the Business & Economics Dept., CPD, and Alumni Relations