Mapping Climate Change: The Knitting Map and The Tempestry Project unites, for the first time, two innovative textile art projects that give visual and tangible presence to a changing climate at a crucial moment of environmental precariousness. By translating temperature, precipitation, humidity, or wind speed data into stitch and color, these vibrant works potently and poignantly reveal the centrality of weather to notions of identity and experiences of place, and thus “map” the flow of temperature over time.

In Alison Safford: Anthro(Site), multimedia artist Safford meditates on the motion of bodies—human, celestial, and terrestrial—as they converge, collide, depart, or reunite through random or cyclical events, instances of migration and mortality, and orientations to place and space.  

Both exhibitions will be on view at the museum through November 30.

The Berman Museum is free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 4pm.