Curator Tour with Ashley West

Join the curator of Printmaking | Worldmaking, Ashley West, Ph.D., for a walkthrough of the exhibition.


There is a wealth of knowledge in the prints selected for the current exhibition Printmaking | Worldmaking, featuring works from the Berman’s permanent collection. In this tour with the exhibition’s lead curator, Ashley West, you’ll have the chance to learn about the history of printmaking, dive into the significance of selected works, and ask the curator any questions you may have about the show. 

There will be a wine reception in the Main Gallery at 5:30 as visitors acquaint themselves with the exhibition before the tour begins at 6 p.m.

About Ashley West

Ashley West is an art historian of the early modern period, 1400-1700, with a particular expertise in the history, practice and theory of printmaking and with interests in imagery produced around different kinds of cross-cultural encounters between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, the “New World,” Africa and the East Indies. She studies processes of cultural transmission and the dissemination of knowledge in the early modern period, as well as opportunities for artistic exchange through travel and portable objects, pilgrimages, diplomacy, warfare, global trade and exploration and early collecting practices.

She has published on early etchings; woodcuts of late medieval relic collections; notions of visual history and the German sense of the past; early modern antiquarianism and early representations of peoples from the coast of Africa and India.

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