Rotaract Post-Special Election 2023-24 Self Nomination Form

Please submit this form and attached Word document (see below) to indicate your interest in running for an open office in the Ursinus Rotaract Club for 2023-24.

The information you provide will be shared with eligible voting members.


  1. Select Elected Office or Committee Chair position
    1. - Elected offices are open to active club members, inducted by Collegeville Rotary, up to date on dues, and currently in good standing.
    2. If you are not yet an inducted member you may nominate yourself as a committee chair instead.
  2. Eligible members who wish to run for office must notify the faculty/staff advisor through the online form.
  3. Completed candidate nominations are due to the faculty/staff advisor via the online form. 
  4. Information for all eligible and accepted candidates will be shared with the club membership.
  5. All eligible candidates will appear on the ballot.
  6. Unless running unopposed- each accepted candidate will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to speak before the election and give their campaign presentation.
  7. The system for voting will be written paper ballot in person administered by the faculty/staff advisor and/or director of student engagement or their designee.
  8. Any voting issues need to be reported to the election managers present (faculty/staff advisor and/or director of student engagement or their designee) prior to the conclusion of voting.
  9. If an office is vacant following the special election the members of the newly elected executive board hold the right to fill or appoint someone to fill the office.
  10. All appointments must be approved by with a majority vote of the current members in good standing.
  11. Write-in options will not be accepted for the elections.

If you have any questions, please contact Monique Kelly at as soon as possible.

Leadership positions:
Vice President
Outreach Coordinator
Communications/PR Coordinator
Events & Services Coordinator

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Have you been inducted into Rotaract by the Collegeville Rotary?
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1. Please list (up tp 5) reasons that you are interested in this position.

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2. Please list relevant prior leadership experience (at Ursinus and outside of or before Ursinus)

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3. Please list all leadership roles you plan to hold during all or part of the 2023-24 academic year (at Ursinus and outside of Ursinus)

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4. Please list your extracurricular activities for all or part of the 2023-24 academic year