Interested in helping spread the word on #Giving2UCday?

Ursinus College is proud to announce that the 10th annual #Giving2UCDay will be held on Founder’s Day, February 5th, 2024! #Giving2UCDay is a 24-hour virtual fundraising event that brings the entire Ursinus community together in support of our mission, showcasing the tremendous impact the community can have when we come together for student success. This year we’re hoping to gather volunteers to help spread the word about the day and invite others to participate in the celebration! Volunteer expectations include: 

  • Participate in #Giving2UCday by making a gift.
  • Share your Ursinus story and why you are supporting #Giving2UCday on social media or by personal outreach.
  • Spread the word, inviting others in your network to join in.

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