Faculty Chinese History Expert Shares Knowledge in China

This summer Ursinus College professor Hugh Clark, whose expertise is in Asian history and culture, presented two papers while in China. A book he has authored on Chinese history will be published this fall.

“Reflections on China from a Foreign Perspective” was presented to the faculty, staff and guests of the Museum of Overseas Trade History in the ancient port city of Quanzhou, Fujian. The city has been Clark’s base for research and field work for many years. Chinese newspapers covered this talk.

 “The Coastal Cultures of Ancient Fujian and the Roots of Regional Cults” was presented to the international conference “Beyond the Silk Road: Asian Maritime History and Culture,” held in Shanghai and sponsored by the Chinese Maritime Museum, the University of Macau, Ghent University (Belgium), and McGill University (Montreal).

Clark, Professor of History and East Asian Studies, has focused his scholarship on the history of China’s southeast coast across the transition between the Tang and Song dynasties (ca.800 – 1400).  In addition to numerous articles and conference papers he has published two books. A third, The Sinitic Encounter with the Southeast through the 1st Millennium, will be published by the University of Hawaii Press this fall.