Inside Inauguration: Countdown to Oct. 16

As we look toward the inauguration of President Brock Blomberg, it is the planning details and distinctions that will produce a stellar event.

They come bearing gifts. The platform party, that is.

As a tribute to President Brock Blomberg, each member of the platform party in the Inauguration ceremony will present a book that represents their constituencies. 

The book for President Blomberg’s personal library can be fiction, non-fiction, drama, prose, poetry, a commercially popular best-seller, or a weighty tome.

Some have weighed in on what went into their decisions:

“I wanted a book that highlighted the importance of valuing and recognizing talent in the workplace,” said Missy Bryant, associate dean of students, and as leader of the Staff Assembly, representing staff. “I also was looking for a book that illustrated a strengths-based philosophy. 

Aakash Shah ’10, representing alumni, said,”you can rest assured that the first place I turned was my old syllabus from the Common Intellectual Experience. To me, that reading list reflects the depth of the college’s commitment to the liberal arts and wrestling with the most important of questions. A book from it seems only fitting for a President who will embrace and advance that commitment wholeheartedly.”

The books will be revealed during the Inauguration ceremony when the platform party will describe the constituency they represent and briefly summarize how the book they selected embodies their constituency and its relationship to Ursinus College.

Members of the platform party are U.S. Congressman Ryan Costello ’99, community representative; Aakash Shah ’10, alumni representative; Abigail Wood ’16, student representative; Melissa Bryant, assistant dean of students, staff representative; Rev. Charles Rice and Rabbi Michael Ramberg, faith community representatives; Stephanie Mackler, associate professor of education and CIE coordinator, faculty representative; and Michael Marcon ’86, board representative and chair of the presidential search committee.

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