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Entrepreneurial Courses for Spring 2016

Are you looking for a fun course that taps into your creative entrepreneurial spirit?  Why not consider these two Spring 2016 courses: Topics in Entrepreneurship (2 credits) and The Art of the Photobook (4 credits)

IDS-050 Topics in Entrepreneurship

Monday 7-8:40


This course is designed to introduce the concepts of entrepreneurship as they relate to the continuing processes of creativity and innovation. Students will develop oral and written communication skills with an emphasis on persuasive communication. Class discussion will focus on the entrepreneurial process and leadership. A variety of instructional and learning techniques will be used, including group projects that apply theory to practice. Open to all students but content will be especially relevant to students planning to enter the BEAR Innovation Competition. Two hours per week. Graded S/U. Two semester hours.


ART-208.A/308.A - The Art of the Photobook

Friday 12:30–3:30


The photography book has emerged as a significant genre for the circulation and exhibition of photography. This course explores the photography book as an art form in and of itself. The study of historical and contemporary photography books will provide a foundation for students to make independently designed books of their own. Over the semester students will develop their photographic ideas and methods through group critiques, and explore elements of bookmaking, including photographic sequence, text, layout, material considerations, and more. The coursework will culminate in the production of a final body of work, printed and bound as a book. Students can use film or digital photography, depending on previous experience. Students must have a film or digital camera, preferably with manual controls. Four hours per week plus extensive independent work outside of the classroom. Four semester hours.