The Growler

Lisa Bain Interview by Kathryn Yoo (Sept 21, 2015)

In this podcast, you will find:

• A definition of “Open Access” for people who are unfamiliar with it
• The issues and controversy involved with Open Access
• It costs 50 million dollar per year to produce Science Magazine
• Benefits of Open Access for the researchers that write the articles
• Reasons why some researchers are hesitant to publish their work
• Our most ferocious growl yet! 

Lisa Bain is a science writer with a wide range of publications and audiences. Her special areas of interest include neuroscience, genetics, and immunology. She visited Ursinus in September and shared insights gleaned from the work she has done with scientists, clinicians, regulators, and patient advocacy organizations who focus their efforts on finding cures and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other intractable diseases of the 21st century.