History and English students present at undergrad conference

On Saturday, December 5, 2015, five Ursinus students presented their research and scholarly work at the Tenth Annual Undergraduate Conference in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.

Undaunted by cold temperatures and end-of-semester fatigue, all five left campus at 7:45 AM for a full day of presenting, learning, and bonding. 

It is the sixth time Ursinus students have attended and presented at this conference, which is conveniently local, yet pulls presenters from around the country; this year, student speakers came from as far away as the University of Puerto Rico. 

The five students were accompanied by their faculty mentors–Dr. Susanna Throop (History) and Dr. Kara McShane (English)–who were excited about the opportunity for their students to demonstrate their scholarly accomplishments for a larger audience. “It’s such valuable experience, it builds their resumes, and it proves to the students that yes, it’s true, Ursinus students really do complete exceptional work, work that’s worth sharing,” said Throop. 

Students and their presentations: 

Kirsten Biehl (’17), “The Templars: Should the Accusations be Thrown Out of Court?” 

Katherine Faust (’16), “The Complexity of Crusading Women: Investigating a Misunderstood and Misrepresented Legacy”

Lauren Geiger (’19), “Physicians, Magicians, and Mortuaries: Marco Polo’s Orientalism”

Morgan Larese (’18), “The Stagnated Roots of the Knights Templar”

Elijah Sloat (’18), “From Preachers to Politicians: Jihad in the Levant from the Start of the Crusades through the Ayyubid Period” 

The full program can be viewed online. ?