Professor to Attend Stanford Workshop

Carlin Romano was one of 25 internationally-known philosophers participating in the Berggruen Institute’s workshops on Hierarchy, Inequality, Harmony and Freedom.

At the workshop, Romano, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, spoke on American pragmatism and philosopher John Dewey’s theory of arts criticism.

Nicolas Berggruen, the German-American billionaire and founder of the Los-Angeles-based Berggruen Institute on Governance, and its sister institution, the Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center, invited 25 internationally prominent philosophers and intellectuals who work on East-West issues to spend five days at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study of Behavioral Sciences, discussing the four title concepts in the context of multiple philosophical traditions.

Participants in addition to Prof. Romano included New York University’s Kwame Anthony Appiah, Princeton political philosophers Stephan Macedo and Philip Pettit, Harvard professor of Chinese philosophy Michael Puett,  Heidelberg’s Anton Koch, Sir Richard Sorabji and Leif Wenar of King’s College, London, and the Indian author Pankaj Mishra.

Prof. Romano is also critic-at-large of The Chronicle of Higher Education. His most recent essay, in the March 11 issue, is “The Irrepressible Lightness of Umberto Eco,” a remembrance of his friend, the recently deceased Italian novelist and philosopher.