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Alpha Delta Phi Society

Alpha Delta Phi Society, and affiliation of the national Alpha Delta Phi Society, is Ursinus College’s first gender-inclusive literary and social Greek, seeking diverse minds and enduring Siblinghood.

Members of our Society come from all areas of academia and interest. We strive to cultivate within ourselves a spirit of trust, caring, commitment, and respect and to create a space where students of every niche can express their passion for their interests. Some of the events we hold include Trivia Nights (open to campus) and Blind Date With a Book – where books are wrapped in paper and sold to raise money for philanthropy. Our symbols are the Crescent and Star and our colors are Emerald and Lily White. Our national organization was founded in 1832.
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The Alpha Delta Phi Society, formed by a group of chapters that withdrew from the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity in 1992, is an independent and legally separate gender-inclusive organization not affiliated with the Fraternity.

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