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Interview with Writer Jason Zuzga

In this Podcast:
• Neural networks functioning like a poem 
• The potential for poems inside the body 
• Connections between poetry and science 
• Buying his own book on Amazon when it came out so he could experience opening it up • His ideal job 
• Thinking of a stanza break as a commercial break 
• Similarities between film editing and writing poetry 
• The time he sang “Camp Town Races” to a bear 

The Philadelphia-based poet and scholar Jason Zuzga will read poems from his new collection, Heat Wake, which will be published by Satunalia Books in March.

Critic Christopher Schmidt has written, “A less moral Moore, Zuzga understands that the social and the natural relate in ways science alone cannot realize. Unboundaried, unanxious, his queer imagination finds backdoor correspondences that would make even Baudelaire blush.” Zuzga grew up in Cherry Hill, N.J., and attended Brown University, studying comparative literature and biology. He worked with authors to create original content for the Knopf website, and completed an M.F.A. at the University of Arizona. He has been a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a Ph.D. in English, and working on a dissertation about nature documentary and media. He is the Other/Nonfiction co-editor of FENCE.

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