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Love & Marriage at Ursinus College

Which of these statements is true? 80% of Ursinus students marry each other! Ursinus was in the Guinness Book of World Records with the highest percentage of alumni couples! Ursinus has almost 1,000 alumni married couples!

Ursinus certainly seems to be a matchmaking fiend!

While impressive, our high number of alumni married couples hasn’t reached 80%, nor has it actually broken any records. This is simply Ursinus lore that students and alumni whisper around campus.

Now, the UC community didn’t just start making up these statistics out of nothing. With almost 1,000 alumni married couples, Ursinus has connected many a student to their future partners.

Whether it’s because of the close knit campus community or the wonderful people UC attracts, we’ll never really know. But this Spring the Alumni Relations team decided it was high time that the campus celebrate the love that blossomed on its grounds.

On Sunday, March 13, Ursinus hosted its first ever Alumni Couple Re-commitment Ceremony in Bomberger Auditorium (formerly known as the Chapel).

Rev. Charles Rice (having already performed over 60 alumni marriage ceremonies himself!) and Rabbi Michael Ramberg presided over the quick vow renewal ceremony. Afterwards, the alumni couples and their families were invited to a champagne reception to celebrate their re-commitment to their partners and their special connection to Ursinus.

Enjoy photos of the ceremony and couples.

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