Business as Usual? Not for Kemper Scholars

A rising sophomore is among 16 Kemper Scholars. Selected from a national pool of liberal arts students, they will gain exclusive career and professional experience.

Serena Schaefer ’19 was chosen for this prestigious program that selects undergraduates with high potential who are committed to their studies as well as to service in their communities. Selected students must have exhibited leadership and well-rounded, ethical character. 

Schaefer is a computer science and mathematics double major from West Windsor, N.J., who is interested in activism and creative writing. “I am excited about living in a diverse community of students and exploring Chicago next summer,” she said. “The two internships will be challenging opportunities to apply and supplement my classwork. The application process was long, but I am thrilled to be in the program,” she added.

Kemper Scholars receive stipends to cover the costs of their work as interns in major nonprofit organizations in Chicago during the summer following their sophomore year. The next summer, the students are interns in the Kemper organization. Both summers serve to offer lessons in financial management, organizational strategy, fund-raising, and nonprofit administration. In Chicago they live in the same residence hall and participate in a weekly seminar while exploring the city. They also attend a national summer conference to discuss topics in administration, leadership and business.

Ursinus is one of 16 colleges and universities nationally where students are eligible for Kemper Scholarships. The mission of the Kemper Scholars Program, which has been sponsored by the James S. Kemper Foundation of Chicago since 1948, is to prepare students for leadership and service, especially in the fields of organizational administration and business. The Kemper Foundation believes that undergraduate study of the liberal arts represents the best preparation for life and career. – By Mary Lobo