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French Students Present at CoSA

Six French majors presented research papers at CoSA 2016.

Six French Majors presented research papers at CoSA 2016 on topics ranging from Literary Studies, Queer Studies and Cultural Studies. Students were mentored by Assistant Professor Julin Everett.


  • Allison Lubczanski: “Teaching Shame: The Cleansing Confession in Annie Ernaux’s La Honte
  • Meaghan Harley: “Religious and Cultural Misconceptions about Tissue Donation in African-American Communities”
  • Helen Brabant-Bleakley: “How School Fails the Orphan in ‘Bonjour Maman! Bonne Fête Maman!’ by Marie-Thérèse Colimon-Hall and Les Quatre Cent Coups by Francois Truffaut” 
  • Christina Fisher: “Attraction, Behavior, and Self-Identification or How the Straight Got Bent”
  • Clara Kiss: “Constitutional Complicity: Language, Education, and Espionage in Johnny Mad Dog by Emmanuel Dongala”
  • Gayatri Kalaga: “The Change in Society’s Attitude Towards Remarriage from the 17th to the 21st Century”