UC Moves Up (Way Up) in Washington Monthly

Ursinus is one of the 100 top liberal arts schools for its commitment to access, service and encouraging students to give back.

Ursinus has been named one of the top 100 schools in the newest Washington Monthly rankings of national liberal arts colleges. Ursinus is ranked 56 out of 239 for its commitment to access and encouraging students to give back.

The Washington Monthly 2016 rankings are based on colleges and universities “contributing to the public good,” focusing on three main categories: social mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), producing research, and promoting public service. Ursinus rose from its 124th spot last year. 

In the “social mobility” category, Ursinus places 37th in graduation performance rank (predicted rate of graduation based on incoming test scores and other measures), and also ranks 27th in earnings performance rank (which shows the difference between actual and predicted earnings of all students 10 years after starting college).

In “research,” it ranks 45th in bachelor’s to Ph.D. rank, (the number of bachelor recipients who go on to receive Ph.Ds, relative to school size) and in “service,” ranks 36 in Peace Corps rank and 77 in community service rank (a combined measure of the percent of students doing community service and the number of hours of community service per students.) Ursinus had a better ranking than in 2015 in several of those categories.

Ursinus also is 120th in a list called “Best Bang for the Buck” in Northeast schools, out of 386. It was 159 in 2015.

 – W.G.