Triple Play: Ursinus Scores as a Three-time ‘Top 100’ College

Ursinus is in the top 100 of national liberal arts colleges, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly and Forbes.

As the ranking and guidebook season winds down, Ursinus is a Forbes Top College, ranking 75 out of 660 colleges and universities; and is among the 381 best colleges in the nation, according to The Princeton Review. Washington Monthly named Ursinus one of the top 100 schools in its newest magazine; and U.S. News, which made public its annual college rankings Sept. 13, lists Ursinus in the top 100 national liberal arts colleges.

U.S. News

U.S. News named Ursinus to its top 100 of 179 top tier colleges, tied for #95 with three colleges. Ursinus is also included in a special category, “A-plus Schools for B Students,” a list of options for students who don’t have straight-A grades but want to go to an academically reputable institution. Ursinus is 32nd in this list. Ursinus ranked higher in the categories of smaller class size than did many of the top liberal arts school.

Washington Monthly

Ursinus ranks 56 out of 239 schools in Washington Monthly’s list of colleges, for its commitment to access and encouraging students to give back. Washington Monthly schools were selected for “contributing to the public good” taking into account recruiting and graduating low income students; producing research; and promoting public service. Ursinus rose from 124th last year, and is also up to 120 from 159 in the companion listing, ”Best Bang for your Buck.”

Fiske Guide to Colleges

This narrative guide notes Ursinus’s “attention from faculty,” and cites The Center for Science and the Common Good, the Independent Learning Experience and Common Intellectual Experience as hallmarks of the Ursinus experience.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review lists only 381 “best colleges” and also cites Ursinus as one of the best Northeastern colleges. Ursinus gets good marks for accessible professors and its “small, close-knit college community,” filled with “motivated students and professors who work toward every student’s success.”


Ursinus ranks 75 out of 660 colleges and universities, based on a methodology that asks “what are students getting out of college?” Ursinus also ranks 133 in private colleges; 83 in liberal arts colleges and universities; and 78 in the Northeast.

It is also 111 out of only 200 colleges nationally on a list of “grateful grads,” measuring alumni who give back. -- W.G.