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HEART Lab Team Publishes Internationally

Health and Exercise Physiology congratulates the below listed HEART Lab team on their internationally published abstract.

The HEART Laboratory team of Christina M. Cromwell; Kristin R. Aichele; Joyann E. Oakman; Michael P. Neal; Jessica M. Lenzo; Avery N. Perez; Naomi L. Bye; Erica L. Santaniello; Jessica A. Hill; Rachel C. Evans; Karla A. Thiele; Lauren N. Chavis; Allyson K. Getty; Tia R. Wisdo; and Deborah L. Feairheller, PhD have had their submission Your submission “Carotid Artery IMT, Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Males and Females” (MS #1801) has been published to International Journal of Exercise Science.  Read the abstract. - by Christine Angermeier

Congratulations to the team!  


International Journal of Exercise ScienceInternational Journal of Exercise Science

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