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A gem of an entry

Pfahler Hall’s entrance way is getting some new elements, or more precisely some spectacular rocks and minerals.

As part of the evolving “Pieces of Earth’s History” geology collection in Pfahler Hall, Professor Leah Joseph and Facilities staff put the final touches on the flagship displays in the building’s entrance lobby. With the addition of specially wired lighting that highlight key structural features of these rocks on display, these prominent cases serve as an enticing invitation to explore the wider collection throughout much of the building. Professor Joseph, together with Dr. Tristan Ashcroft and several students, have been working on putting together and expanding the exhibit during the past few years. The collection includes more than 1,600 samples, which are the result of a generous gift of 500 items from Dr. Lee E. Porter (1935) and over 1,100 samples from the estate of Paul J. Lazar and facilitated by Lee (1948) and Marilyn Tori. For more about the collection and its history, see previous stories from the website and the Ursinus magazine

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