Ursinus Ranks High in New WSJ Poll

Ursinus ranks high in new Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education list that puts it at 174 out of all colleges and universities.

A new Wall Street Journal/Times higher education college ranking lists Ursinus #174 of all colleges and universities in the United States for such measures as student experiences and alumni success.

This new ranking takes into account 15 performance indicators including resources, academic reputation, likelihood of being engaged by classmates and teachers, campus community and probability of paying off loans and getting a job.

Data comes from a variety of sources: from the U.S. government (IPEDs, College Scorecard and BEA), from The U.S. Student Survey, the Academic Survey, and from the Elsevier bibliometric dataset. More information on the methodology is here.

Ursinus’s score is high in the “engagement” category, 15.8 out of a possible 20.  Most of the data in this area is gathered through The U.S. Student Survey which is carried out by Times Higher Education, based in the United Kingdom.

The survey gathered the views of more than 100,000 current college and university students on a range of issues relating directly to their experience at college, according to the methodology information. Students answered core questions about their experience, on multiple choice or a scale of zero to ten, and also provided background information about themselves. The survey was conducted online; respondents were recruited by research firm, Streetbees, using social media, facilitated, in part, by student representatives at individual schools, and using a database of student email addresses collected by Ipsos MORI. Respondents were verified as students of their reported college using their email address. At least 50 responses were required for each university included. – W.G.