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Zoo Story

Students in a biodiversity class receive a visit from some residents of the Elmwood Park Zoo.

The environmental studies department has enjoyed a close relationship with the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pa., for several years. Ursinus students have interned at the zoo, and the zoo’s director of education, Laurie Smith Wood, and general curator, Dave Wood, regularly visit campus.

They talk with students in the Conserving Biological Diversity class, which is taught by Rich Wallace, Professor of Environmental Studies. During their latest visit on March 20, they were accompanied by an opossum, a great horned owl, and a tegu lizard. In addition to supporting Prof. Wallace’s course, the Woods enjoy coming to campus to recruit volunteers and internship applicants from among the Ursinus student body. They are also regular attendees at Ursinus’s annual Job, Internship & Networking Fair.


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