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Ursinus Unveiled

The Ursinus College Admission Office’s new event, “Ursinus Unveiled: A Counselor Symposium.”

On September 11, young alumni were invited back on campus to a welcome dinner at the Berman Museum of Art for the Ursinus College Admission Office’s new event, “Ursinus Unveiled: A Counselor Symposium.” The symposium, a three-day engagement, hosted over 40 high school counselors from cities primarily all over the West Coast, enabling them to view and learn about the college as well as the region. The September 11th dinner opened up the symposium, allowing counselors to interact with invited alumni and staff and ask questions about the college that pertained to its general atmosphere as well as of the college as well as specified questions about particular programs.


After a fun cocktail hour, Ursinus’s Vice President of Enrollment, Dave Tobias, started the dinner by welcoming counselors and discussing exciting initiatives on campus including the building of the new Innovation and Discovery Center, the opening of the Melrose Center for Global Civic Engagement, to name a few. Afterwards, young alumni were asked to speak briefly about their experiences at Ursinus, stating their majors, organizations they were involved in and why they chose the college. For about an hour and a half, counselors, while enjoying a Wismer-catered dinner and dessert, were given time to ask staff and alumni questions about both their experiences as well as questions and concerns their own students had about college in general. Examples of questions specifically asked about Ursinus included “What did you get most out of your freshman curriculum?”, “What is the dorm life like at Ursinus?” and “Did you know any students from the West Coast and how did they seem to perceive their experience?” Counselors also wanted to know how the weather is throughout the year, Ursinus’s proximity to Philadelphia, where to find local shopping malls and grocery stores were and how the surrounding neighborhood and businesses interact with the students. Post-dessert, counselors exchanged information and were dismissed to their bus for the hotel.


The counselors expressed gratefulness for the ability to have one-on-one time with young alumni and stated that their time with the alumni gave a very strong perspective on the college and made them more likely to make their students aware of the college. As an invited young alumna, I found the event to be interesting and had a pleasant time sharing my Ursinus experience and answering questions. The welcome dinner proved to be a beneficial and informative start to the whole symposium and successful for all involved in planning the event.


- Emily Cooper ’15

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