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Supporting Indigenous Languages: The Case of Quechua

Américo Mendoza-Mori, professor of Quechua at the University of Pennsylvania, gave a talk about the possibilities of supporting indigenous languages such as Quechua in colleges and universities.

With nearly eight million speakers, Quechua is the most widely spoken Indigenous language of the Americas; however, UNESCO and other organizations recognize it as an endangered language. Different initiatives are promoting the Quechua Language and Andean culture within the US academic sphere, and therefore, allowing us to highlight points of view that have been forgotten or overlooked. There are risks in this process as well. Prof. Mendoza-Mori discussed the importance of Indigenous language planning and revitalization, and how these initiatives can collaborate in the promotion of a more diverse education system.


This talk was sponsored by the Modern Languages Department, the Anthropology and Sociology Department, and the Latin American Studies Program.