Romano Talks with France’s Celebrated Philosopher

Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Carlin Romano conducted a public conversation with Bernard-Henri Levy, journalist, activist and filmmaker.

The Jan. 10 sold-out event at the Free Library of Philadelphia was live-streamed and is available for viewing as a podcast at the Free Library of Philadelphia website.

Levy was in Philadelphia to discuss his new book, The Genius of Judaism (Random House), which argues for Judaism as a moral tradition that requires Jews to act ethically toward others.

Levy first came to public attention in the 1970s as one of the so-called French “New Philosophers,” who criticized Marxist theory and urged leftist intellectuals to oppose totalitarian oppression by the Soviet Union and support brave dissidents such as Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In the decades since, Levy has continued to publish books about both philosophy (Sartre: Philosopher of the Twentieth Century) and politics (Who Killed Daniel Pearl?) while putting his life on the line in reporting from the world’s battlefields, from Bangledesh to Bosnia to Iraq.