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The Science of Science Education in Spain

Dr. Óscar Useche, Assistant Professor of Spanish, examines science and education in 19th-century Spain in a new article.

Dr. Useche’s article, titled “The Science of Science Education: Zoel García de Galdeano, Mathematics Instruction, and the Progress of Spain,” examines the role of the scientific journal El Progreso Matemático (1891-1900) in assessing the unstable national system of higher education.

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The paper focus on how formulations first articulated on the pages of El Progreso Matemático linked Spanish modernization to particular educational models, and eventually promoted new understandings of national identity at the end of nineteenth century.

Professor Useche analyzes Zoel García de Galdeano’s writings on education and consider what approaches to scientific education reveal about society or what educational structures evince on the social impact of science. 

During the few years the journal circulated, it not only presented concrete proposals to improve scientific instruction by promoting disciplinary compartmentalization and specialization, but was a constant reminder of the need to implement a progressive educational structure in Spain that grants equal importance to the practical and theoretical aspects of science. 

García de Galdeano’s realization that consolidating an adequate education would alleviate the nation’s technological dependency relocates science instruction as a central engine in the development of Spanish modernization.

You can read Professor Useche’s article here: “The Science of Science Education: Zoel García de Galdeano, Mathematics Instruction, and the Progress of Spain,” Decimonónica 14.1 (Winter 2017).