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English major shares study abroad experience

Madison Bradley, a junior majoring in English and Media and Communications, shares her study abroad experience in Glasgow, Scotland in Fall 2016.

“Last semester I went abroad to Glasgow, Scotland. Besides traveling to the green hills of the Highlands, visiting sheep farms, and dipping my hand in the mystical waters of Loch Ness, I discovered beautiful Glasgow. With castles planted in the middle of the bustling city and rivers running under the bridges, I got to experience a place full of down-to-earth charm and rich literary history. I touched the Shakespearean folios in the University of Glasgow’s ancient collection, read books from the uni’s towering library, and wrote English papers in castle courtyards. My classes, Shakespearean Forms and Victorian Literature, were interesting and gave me a new insight into how English is taught in other countries. My study abroad experience helped me re-discover why I chose English as my major.”