Go, Bears! Ursinus Named a Top College for Sports

According to MONEY and Sports Illustrated, Ursinus ranks in the top 100 colleges in the country for student-athletes, fans, and academics.

There’s nothing quite like watching the legendary Ursinus field hockey program make history on Snell Field, or taking in a football game on Homecoming weekend with old friends at Patterson Field. And if you’ve ever loudly cheered for the basketball teams with the Helfferich Hooligans in the stands, you’d know what it’s like to be a Bears fan on game day.

Now, the rest of the nation knows, too.

MONEY and Sports Illustrated teamed up to determine the 100 top colleges where athletes enjoy playing, fans enjoy watching games, and where both groups excel in the classroom.

Ursinus ranks 59th on the list, ahead of notable schools like the University of Pennsylvania and Florida State University, and is rated higher than some Centennial Conference rivals.

The publications started with 705 colleges that are both NCAA members and are on MONEY’s annual Best Colleges ranking, which scores schools on affordability, academic excellence, and career outcomes. Then, 15 sports specific data points were considered and split into two categories: athlete opportunities and fan experience. 

The schools were scored in three areas: Best Colleges rank (20 percent), student-athlete opportunities (40 percent), and fan experience (40 percent). Ursinus, where 35 percent of students play varsity sports, ranked 43rd out of 606 colleges in student-athlete opportunities. 

Ursinus competes in 25 varsity sports.