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BCMB Major Presents at the 61st Annual Biophysical Society Meeting

Thomas Holt (BCMB ’17) along with Prof. Julia Koeppe present two posters at the 61st Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Thomas Holt (BCMB ’17) and Dr. Julia Koeppe (Chemistry, SUNY Oswego) attended the 61st annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 11-15, 2017. They presented a poster on their protein interaction research titled “Dynamic changes in complement component 3 in the presence of the lectin-like domain of thrombomodulin.” Many conference attendees were interested in the work and offered suggestions for future experiments and collaborations. Tom and Dr. Koeppe also presented a poster about curricular changes in the Biochemistry II and Structural Biology labs which contained information about the curriculum and the results that Tom obtained in the labs taught by Dr. Koeppe and Dr. Rebecca Roberts (Biology) last spring. This poster, titled “Combining molecular visualization with bench methods in a hypothesis-driven undergraduate biochemistry lab course,” was very well-received by both faculty members and students interested in the project. Also attending the conference was Matthew McKay (BCMB ’14) who is now a graduate student at the University of Arkansas.

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