BCMB and Chemistry Student Researchers Bring Ursinus to the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting

BCMB and chemistry students present research work at the 253rd National Meeting and Exposition held in San Franciso, California.

A month away from finals, some of Ursinus’s BCMB and chemistry majors were able to take time out of their schedules to present their research at the American Chemical Society’s 253rd National Meeting and Exposition. This is a very large annual event which the ACS hosts to showcase each year’s efforts and discoveries in chemistry and other related fields. Overall, 14,500-plus papers were discussed and almost 5,700 posters presented. Of the 29 technical divisions represented at the meeting, students from Ursinus were selected to present in two divisions: biological chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Jenna Pellegrino (BCMB 2017) co-presented a poster with fellow student, Katie Bell (BCMB 2018), on research conducted at Ursinus College in the Inorganic Division. As the only student to present a second poster, Jenna presented a poster in the Biological Division based on research she conducted during her REU summer experience at the University of Pennsylvania. Katie O’Shea (BCMB 2017) and Julia Dorsheimer (CHEM 2019) co-presented their research at the Inorganic Division poster session along with Brian Van Dyke (BCMB & CHEM 2018), Christine Philip (BCMB 2017), and Ben Allwein (BCMB 2018) who each individually presented their research in the same division as well.

Amanda Reig, Associate Professor of chemistry, accompanied the seven students to sunny San Francisco for the annual ACS meeting and exposition. In addition to escorting the students to the national meeting, Dr. Reig also gave a talk entitled “Engaging underserved populations through early research experiences” in the Chemical Education Division about the FUTURE program at Ursinus College.

Our students and faculty showcased the tremendous research work being conducted at Ursinus College with their attendance at the 253rd ACS National Meeting and Exposition.