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Myrin Library Student Art Collection

New work added to the Library’s Permanent Art Collection

A cloth quilt has been selected from the 2017 Ursinus College Art Exhibition by Charles A. Jamison, Special Collections Librarian, for the Myrin Library’s Student Art Collection.

The quilt, measuring 122 cm. x 122 cm., was created by Dayna Honrychs, ’17.  It has been permanently installed in Study Room #211 of the Myrin Library.

 From the Artist’s Statement:

 “My art is meant to contravene what society teaches and provide a sense of empowerment to embrace vulnerability.  I am enticed by my studies in the diversity of the individual, as well as the diversity of culture, to create art that serves as a source of assurance for the individual depicted and the viewer alike.  My photography emanates confidence, beauty, and resilience in light of body diversity, while my quilt, an item normally used to cover oneself and hide insecurities, brazenly depicts the vulnerability associated with cultural identity and diversity.”  -Dayna Honrychs

The quilt has been added to a collection of approximately 125 artworks that comprise the Myrin Library Student Art Collection.

Acquired over the past 16 years, the collection represents the creative works of 64 Ursinus students.

The Myrin Library Student Art Collection can be viewed at the Library, or at the Special Collections section of the Ursinus College Digital Commons.

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