Ursinus Among Forbes’ 200 Best-Loved Colleges

The 2017 Forbes Grateful Grads Index has once again named Ursinus one of the top 200 best-loved colleges in the nation.

The list is comprised of private, non-for-profit colleges with more than 1,000 students. It analyzes both the median private donations and gifts per student over 10 years, as well as the alumni participation rate, which is described as the percentage of graduates that give back to the school with donations of any size each year.

“Great colleges produce happy and successful alumni—who give back in droves,” says Matt Schifrin, the managing editor of investing, markets and personal finance who developed the methodology.

Ursinus’s 10-Year Median Donations per Student was reported as $5,269, and the 3-Year Average Alumni Participation was 18.9%, making our 2017 Grateful Grad Index Value 73.26 and securing Ursinus a space firmly in the top 200 at 107 (up from 111 last year).

“Financial support from a school’s ‘end product’ is what helps to sustain a great institution in perpetuity and allow it to flourish academically,” says Schifrin. The success and support from alumni is an integral part of continuing the positive impact of an Ursinus education for current and future students to come. —By Mary Lobo