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Health and Exercise Physiology Research Study Publications

A number of Health and Exercise Physiology Department research studies were recently published in several scientific journals.

Research studies conducted by the HEART lab students and faculty have recently been selected for publication in several scientific journals.  You can learn more about the studies, including a list of the respective authors, by following the links listed below:

Derella CC, et al. Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Responses to Gear Weight Under a Controlled Workload

McClelland JM, et al. The Effects of Cardiovascular Fitness and Body Composition on Maximal Core Temperature in Collegiate Football Players During Pre-season 

Kretzschmar J, et al. Differential Response to Exercise in African Americans with High Levels of Inflammation

Getty AK, et al. Blood pressure and Cardiovascular Health has Relationship with Age in Adults During Adulthood (In Press, International Journal of Exercise Science)


-Christine Angermeier