Activities Fair Showcases Clubs for All Interests

The annual event gives an overview of the organizations available for students at Ursinus.

Braving the rainy weather, students and faculty alike gathered in Lower Wismer on Sept. 6 to promote the array of on-campus organizations. Some of the clubs and activities present were Breakaway Student Productions, GSA, USAS, Neuroscience Club, WVOU radio, and club sports, like rugby and volleyball, with respect to many other campus activities in attendance.

With creative signs and an open atmosphere, the activities fair was a social event that introduced students to the different opportunities available on campus.

Skyler Gailing, president of Breakaway Student Productions, stated that one of the biggest takeaways of the fair was that, “Ursinus probably has a club for everyone’s interests,” which was exemplified by the large turnout.   

With more than 100 clubs, Ursinus has various ways students can get involved on-campus. There are academic clubs, club sports, social clubs, and organizations for student activism, to name a few. If there isn’t a particular club available yet, getting one started is simple, evident by the various activities showcased on Wednesday.

The fair was a reflection of all the possible avenues a first-year could take at Ursinus. When asked what advice she would give freshmen, Gailing said, “I would advise freshmen not to be afraid to sign up for something they have ever never tried before” and to not “overextend yourself.”

Picking the right clubs and balancing it with other responsibilities is important. The Student Activities Fair exemplified not only the number of opportunities students could get involved in, but the vibrant, academic social life of Ursinus as well. —By Madison Bradley ’18