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Ursinus Announces the New Institute for Inclusion and Equity (IIE)

As a central space for all students from equity-seeking groups, the IIE coordinates dialogue, programming, and activities around issues of equity, diversity, and social justice. The Institute thus supports the larger mission of the college, preparing students for leadership in an increasingly complex, diverse and interdependent world.

The following memo was released from the President’s Office in August 2017:

As emphasized in the previous strategic plan and the collaborative Teagle grant in which we participated in 2009-12, diversity and inclusion are values we hold dearly at Ursinus. Ursinus150 aims to translate those values into enduring realities. In the strategic plan, we “…insist that our campus community champion the humanity of all of its members; we commit to breaking down the barriers faced by marginalized people, recognizing the particular constraints and pressures that affect members of underrepresented groups on this campus and in our world.” This vision informs the college’s plans for the future of Unity House and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Thus, I am pleased to announce formally that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has now become the Institute for Inclusion and Equity and will be moving to a central location in Lower Wismer. These changes demonstrate our commitment to fostering inclusive conversations about campus culture while continuing to create meaningful programming for all students, faculty and staff. Assistant Dean of Students Terrence Williams will continue to guide our efforts in this area and to oversee the institute. Terrence has worked in a dual capacity this year, leading discussions about these issues among the college’s leadership in addition to his role as an assistant dean of student affairs. To reflect Terrence’s leadership role and his dedication to transforming our culture more effectively, Terrence’s new—and slightly modified—title is now presidential adviser for inclusion and equity.

Joining Terrence on these key efforts is Patrick Robinson, our new assistant director for inclusion and equity. Patrick will work to further enhance the vision, values and management of the IIE, alongside Dean Williams and the institute’s student staff.

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