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Education Launches New Major

The Education Department is pleased to announce the creation of a new major in Educational Studies.

Educational Studies is a stand-alone major, separate from the teaching certification program; however, starting with the class of 2019, it can also be added-on by certification students as a second major (see details below).

The Education Department now offers three options:

1) The Educational Studies major: for students interested in the interdisciplinary study of education and fields such as higher education, education policy, school counseling, social justice, and teaching in settings such as Teach for America, Peace Corps, and museums. The major consists of 36 credits in a variety of core and elective courses as well as a capstone seminar.

2) The Teaching Certification Program: for students who want to earn state certification to teach a particular subject. Certification students major in the subject they intend to teach and take 38 credits in Education, including the student teaching semester. Starting with the class of 2019, they can also take two additional Education courses (8 additional credits) to earn Educational Studies as a second major.

3) The Educational Studies Minor: for the same variety of interests as the Educational Studies major, but consisting of 20 credits.

The course catalog will be updated in coming weeks, but students cannot formally declare the new Educational Studies major until those catalog changes go into effect for the 2018-2019 academic year. However, students who already have taken Education courses can count those toward the Educational Studies major. New course offerings will be available in upcoming semesters, including EDUC 280: Education and Inequality this spring. (This course will be required for the major.)

Anyone who is interested in exploring and/or declaring the major, or who has any other question, should be sure to contact Education Department faculty or staff:

Dr. John Spencer:

Dr. Stephanie Mackler:

Dr. Seamus Mulryan:

Carol Royce: