Psychology Students Present at Conference

Alexzandria Luben and Stephanie Gardner presented a poster at the SSHD biennial meeting.

The Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD), held their biennial meeting on  October 6th to the 8th in Providence, RI. This was the 10th Biennial meeting of SSHD, entitled Creativity, Spirituality, and Health Across the Life-Span,  which hosted numerous speakers and presenters.

Dr. DaCosta presented her research, “We interrupt these messages by bringing you a program: advertising media literacy education in middle schools”.  Our students, Alexzandria Luben and Stephanie Gardner presented their poster, co-authored with Dr. DaCosta, “From Dodging Bullets to Building Shields:  A Working Model for Resisting Macro- and Microaggressions”.