"To Our Readers"

To Our Readers

This fall marks the beginning of my third year as president of Ursinus College. As I reflect on my time here and all of the amazing things we’ve accomplished together, I’ve come to an important realization: this is a great job.

In a recent Huffington Post op-ed, I wrote that the more I learn about Ursinus, the more I’m struck by the authenticity of every member of our community. Our students and alumni share a common bond—one that is uniquely Ursinus—through the programs they participate in, the sports they play and the organizations they join.

And it is by way of that Ursinus experience and the values at the core of an Ursinus education that our community aims to build bridges for the betterment of the world around us, rather than walls that segregate a select few.

Our new core curriculum asks not only our students, but each member of our community to reflect on four fundamental questions:

  • What should matter to me?
  • How should we live together?
  • How can we understand the world?
  • What will I do?

And within these pages, you’re going to meet some of the members of our community who seek out answers to these questions every day. Medical professionals who lend their expertise and skill to assist those without access to healthcare. Writers who use their talents to better understand the world we live in. Our very own admission team dedicated to breaking down barriers to college access.

This year alone, we raised the bar. We’re taking on projects that will enhance teaching, learning and social spaces at Ursinus. Initiatives that improve the way our students live, learn and work.

Our students and alumni have a thirst for knowledge and a never-ending quest to serve those in need. That inspires me. I am so grateful to every member of the Ursinus community for their dedication and perseverance. This truly is a remarkable place, and together we’re adding new chapters to the Ursinus story.

Brock Blomberg

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