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Students Tour the Italian Market in Philadelphia

Recently, students taking ANTH/ENV 230: Food and Culture with Assistant Professor, Dr. Lauren Wynne, visited the Italian Market in Philadelphia.

On October 22, 2017, students taking ANTH/ENV 230: Food and Culture with Assistant Professor, Dr. Lauren Wynne, participated in a field trip and walking tour of the Italian Market in Philadelphia.  The South 9th Street Italian Market runs along 9th Street from Wharton to Fitzwater Streets. Historically, the market began in the mid-to-late 1880s to serve a growing Italian community. Throughout the years, there have been additional international influences on the Italian Market, and its surrounding neighborhood.  The walking tour focused on the shifting demographics of the neighborhood and how that has been reflected in the current makeup of the market. Among other treats, students sampled cannolis from Isgro Pastries and freshly pressed tortillas from Tortilleria San Roman. 

C. Angermeier 

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