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A Letter from the GOLD Council Philanthropy Committee

Dear Friends,

#Giving2UCday is right around the corner and our goal this year is simple: increase the number of donors giving back to Ursinus. We strongly encourage you to reflect on your years at UC - the late night epiphanies in the laundry room, the Wismer sits that lasted multiple meals, the classes and professors that impacted our lives - and we hope that you will consider being part of this important day. Your participation is significant to our Ursinus College community and a gift of any size makes a difference.

On Tuesday, November 28, we urge you to be one of over 1200 community members to make a gift to Ursinus over the course of 24 hours; we ask that you help make this date the largest ever single day of giving participation in our college’s history for no reason other than #BecauseOfUrsinus.

Until next time,

Sarah Brant ’10 and Jake Kohler ’13
GOLD Council Philanthropy Committee Co-chairs

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